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Bringing Condominium Quality of life to the next level

Singapore is a developed country with a strong standing in the world arena. And with a booming economy and high standards of living, the number of residents staying in condominiums within this island nation is growing and occupies an estimated 15-17% of all the city dwellings.
However, a large portion of these condominium owners are facing a very real issues with ageing developments and depletion of sinking funds.

A Wide Range of Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We at Condominium Ecosys have done an extensive survey and studied the condominium sector with in dept investigations with stake holders from subsidiary proprietors (SP) to council members, managing agents and vendors servicing this industry.
Headed by our highly experienced system architect, we have spent the last year developing and testing our holistic solution. We now have a palette of mobile apps and dashboard available for beta testing with existing condominiums.

Our Management Team


Andrew Mui


Benny Boey

General Manager

Dr Balaji M S


Casey Tsui

Technical Manager

The founding member of this team is strongly affiliated to the world of smart city development. With their vast experience in the subject matter, we aim to harness technology as well as state of the art hardware to provide a unique solution that is powered by a platform that was specifically designed for the condominium sector.

A strong emphasis on solution development is supported by a team of expert programmers and IT specialist situated both in Singapore and India.

Key Partners

Our key partners are strong and experienced hardware and technology specialists who can deliver products like no other.

They are renowned in the areas of enterprise facial recognition and connectivity solutions. Their solutions provide the best results for a seamless experience within the condominium.